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Vrsta baterije: 1,2 V Ni-MH AA 2600mAh Baterija za ponovno Polnjenje

Znamka: PKCELL

Model: Ni-MH AA 1,2 V 2600mAh

Velikost: AA

Napetost: 1.2 V

Običajna Kapaciteta: 2600mAh

Dimenzija(max): Premer:14.5 mm*Višina:skupaj za 50,5 mm

Standard Trenutnih Dajatev: 260mA Čas:15H

Hitro Polnjenje Tok: 780mA Čas:4H

Uporaba: Digitalni fotoaparat,prenosni video,igre,svetilka,daljinski upravljalnik,igrače,MP3/MP4 predvajalnik,električni britev itd.

  • Baterija Število: 4PC
  • Model: AA baterija za ponovno Polnjenje
  • Certificiranje: NOBEN
  • Napetost: 1.2V
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Nastavite Vrsto: Samo Baterije
  • Vrsta: NI-MH
  • Zamenjava Baterije: Da,
  • Nazivna Zmogljivost: 2600mah
  • Velikost: AA
  • Snop: Snop 1
  • Blagovna Znamka: Pkcell
  • Številka Modela: AA baterija za ponovno Polnjenje

SKU: s990
Printsessa Zayka
Ordered 11-11-2020, shipped 19-11-2020, delivered to the 13 post office of Irkutsk 15-01-2021. Track tracked. It was packed in a cardboard box, the contents wrapped in a bag with a navel. I ordered several positions, the contents went without damage. Cases are universal, suitable for AAA and AA batteries types. On the sides there are fasteners that allow you to connect several cases together. Judging by the test of the charger, the capacity of the batteries is close to the declared. I recommend the product and the store.
Mika 1989 Kg
One of the batteries does not work. The other three are fine.
I had read that delivery take long, because product is batteries, but I got it faster then usually products. Very recommended, fast delivery good quality
Berkut 84
Delivery is almost two months. The parcel was delivered to the point of issue of the company sdek batteries came uncharged. Sealed in a plastic blister, complete with a convenient case. I checked with the liitokala lii-600 charger. I think they will still repent after a couple of runs. Good batteries!!! Seller and recommend!!!
Romozan Evd
Packed disgusting, put into the box packing in this way, that everything was loose and the batteries were hanging out and fighting about each other in a box, the capacity is approximately the same, 1585-1630 in the photo can be seen after two runs per charge-discharge-charge, very heavy, weight felt

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