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Материал: Сталь и дерево Цветы: Белый клен / Древний дуб/Черная Ива Размер столешницы: 60*60 cm Высота столешницы: 73-108 cm Вес: 11 кг

  • Tabela Višina: 73-108 cm
  • S Skladiščenjem: No
  • vzorec: Barva
  • Prizorišče: Spalnica, Dnevna Soba,Pisarna
  • Prilagodi: No
  • Priljubljena Elementi: Obračanje Tabele/Nastavljiva Višina
  • Vrsta: Postelja Tabela/ Nastavljiv Laptop Tabela
  • Velikost: 60*60cm
  • Splošne Rabe: Komercialni Pohištvo
  • Z Valjčki: Da,
  • Tabela velikosti: 60*60 cm
  • Barve: Acient Hrast,Beli Javor,Črna Willow
  • Uporablja Priložnostih: Domov/Spalnica/Dnevna soba
  • S Tipkovnico Polica: Da,
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Zložen: No
  • Kategorije: Dom Pohištvo
  • Kovina Tip: Nerjaveče Jeklo
  • Številka Modela: DESK07
  • Z Omarico: No
  • kraj izvora: Kitajska
  • Slog: Laptop Mizo
  • Posebno Rabo: Računalniški Mizi
  • Material: Iz Nerjavečega Jekla/Lesene Stanja

SKU: s884
Convenient for a schoolboy! Back straight. The table itself is cute, stable in moderation :) plastic parts are a little bad shape, but twisted. In general, I recommend!
Marriage on the shelf for the keyboard
Aeaa 07y9
Item received 26.11 when order 20.11. Packed in carton with foam pads. There is a set for assembly. When assembling noted that the screws do not meet the specification, clearly the screws m6h20 no, and so the holder of the handles had to try to fix the screw m6-35, which damages the plastic extruding it. Mounting plastic under the screws I would like to think better. Reliable fixation does not work, plastic in the DVP turns. As a result, after pulling out all the screws, the design slightly swings when moving. It is convenient to use the keyboard, but there is not enough room for a mat with a mouse.
All as written, delivery very fast brought home, a week after the order, table price quality, but I would add a couple of mm metal and stiffeners on the back side, because he doesn't work very hard, so Leroy bought it in the kranstein department of the ribs, welded on the service welding, the usual will burn everything. I recommend that the owners enter this in the model
Syndyk Greka
All as stated, but very shatatya when at maximum height. My height is 173 and I'm low, I had to put books, apparently, I'll have to change wheels. In general, the quality of the price corresponds. At 3700 it and can not be normal, but if you have a small height, take

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